Pomegranate Liquore 50cl

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Pomegranate Liquore 50cl

Pomegranate Liqueur by Bottega SPA

Bottle Size: 50cl | ABV: 20%

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The core ingredient of this beautifully packaged product is the Sicilian Pomegranate which boasts intriguing organoleptic undertones, a distinctive flavour and other renowned properties.

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The pomegranate is a plant that comes from Southwest Asia. To be geographically precise, it originated in an area that extends from Iran to the Himalayas in Northern India. A symbol of prosperity and fertility, it has existed in the Caucasus region and throughout the Mediterranean shrublands since ancient times where it has been cultivated for thousands of years. The fruit of the pomegranate tree is packed with both mineral salts and vitamins, and is also widely recognized as being antioxidant rich. The natural juice of the Sicilian Pomegranate extracted from the seeds (known as arils) is skillfully mixed with alcohol, grappa and sugar, giving rise to a refreshing liqueur endowed with great character and personality. The superlative ingredients and the natural extraction process make for a highly balanced and extremely pleasant product.

Intense ruby red.

Delicate and fruity, it delights the nose with an intense aroma of pomegranate.

Fresh with a pleasing tartness, it caresses the palate with its underlying sweetness counterpointed by a subtle astringent note.

It makes an extremely pleasant after-dinner drink, cleansing the palate and finishing the meal on a sweet note. It is also an excellent ingredient for making refreshing invigorating aperitifs, delicious cocktails and long drinks as well as being a delectable accompaniment to ice-cream, fresh fruit, and sweets or desserts containing fruit.

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