Elixir Amaro Alpine 50cl

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Elixir Amaro Alpine 50cl

Amaro with Alpine Herbs

Bottle Size: 50cl | ABV: 21%

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“Amaro”, a drink obtained from infusing in alcohol different types of pleasantly bitter-tasting herbs, is a product that falls, rightly so, into the category of Italian excellence. Its history goes back a thousand years, beginning with the first infusion experiments by Hippocrates, through the Benedictine monks in their fortified abbeys and their knowledge of phytotherapy, to the present day where Amaro plays the undisputed starring role at the end of a meal.

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The Bottega Amaro Elixir with Alpine Herbs embodies this long tradition and is the synthesis of the creativity and passion of a company, which, for generations, has dedicated itself to the liquorist’s art. Fresh with a strong personality, it has intense and persistent notes.

The Bottega Amaro Elixir with Alpine Herbs is made with extracts and distillates that hark back to the region and its fruits. It’s a blend of approximately 30 botanicals, including alpine herbs, flowers, spices and berries (such as gentian, absinth, lemon balm, juniper, star anise, mountain pine, nettle, elderflower, thyme, mint, blackberry, raspberry, currant, etc.). It is a product with a strong character and a complex structured flavour, which represents the meeting point between tradition and innovation. Using traditional extraction and maceration has enhanced the particular features of each flavour used. This production technique gives the Bottega Elixir unique and original notes that blend perfectly with the typical notes of the long traditions of Amaro.


Fragrant and characteristic, the bouquet is rich with strong notes of alpine herbs and the delicate notes of undergrowth, reminiscent of musk, blueberries and blackberries

It is characterised by the freshness conferred by the wild herbs and the balance between the mint, pleasingly bitter sensations (yarrow) and soft sensations (chamomile)

Perfect after a meal, served fresh or with ice and orange zest. Excellent in cocktails and long drinks.

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